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When it comes to indoor sports, Action Sports is a whole new ball game! Action Sports, South Africa’s premier indoor sport provider offers the ultimate in indoor sports venues across South Africa. Action Cricket, Action Netball, and Action Soccer are the fastest growing social activities in South Africa, and no-one scores more consistently than us.

Our purpose built all-weather arenas are designed to coax even the most committed armchair sports person back into their trainers. The mere sight of our arenas are enough to make you want to score a few runs, shoot the hoop, or curl one into thecorner!

To become a partner with Action Sports South Africa please contact:

Tel : 082 330 6272


To become a partner with Action Sports South Africa please contact:

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Action Sports has over 24 Arenas country wide! Find an Arena near you with Google Maps South Africa. It's the easy way to get around.

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Check out the latest news and happenings in the Action Sports world. We will keep updated on Tournaments, competitions, and a lot more..

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